Sky Q & Sky Plus Upgrades in London & Surrey

Sky Q & Sky+ Satellite TV Upgrade & Repair for Homes & Businesses in London & Surrey

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Sky is a subscription-based satellite TV service suited to homes and commercial premises across London and Surrey. Install a new Sky TV system or upgrade to Sky Q or Sky Plus and unleash a whole new world of even more entertainment, interactive features, and services! At Aerials, Satellites & Freeview, we install Sky TV satellite dishes with care and precision for optimal placement and reception.

Our independent Sky dish installers operate across London and Surrey and offer a same-day Sky satellite dish installation service. Are you moving home and need your Sky dish installed at your new property? Maybe you need a professional to install your Sky dish up high on your roof or chimney; whatever the case, we work hard to hide the satellite dish on your property, guaranteeing discreet Sky dish installation and cable management. The last thing we want is to make your home or business premises look messy!

If Sky cannot install your dish for a few weeks or months, or if they won't install your Sky dish for whatever reason, call our office, and we'll arrange for a same-day Sky dish installer to visit you, fully equipped with knowledge and all the equipment required to ensure you get a seamless Sky experience.

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Sky TV Upgrades for Homes and Businesses

Sky TV Upgrades for Homes

Are you contemplating a Sky TV upgrade? Sky Q and Sky Plus are two of the most popular satellite TV services offered by Sky TV. We’ll install any equipment and test the system to ensure everything works perfectly.

If you need guidance on your new Sky Q or Sky+ system, we offer a customer care handover to ensure you feel satisfied and do not get left with any unanswered questions!

Sky TV Upgrades for Homes

Sky TV Upgrades for Businesses

Whether you own a sports bar showing the latest games or a hotel offering the gold TV package to discerning guests in multiple rooms, we've got you covered. At AS Freeview, we install Sky satellite dishes on all types of commercial buildings. It is worth knowing; we are an independent commercial Sky installer in London and Surrey, meaning your business will get a different level of service than you’d expect from a commercial installer contracted to Sky. For example, we can carry out work that regular Sky engineers can’t touch, so if you’ve been told you can’t have Sky installed at your commercial property, we might be able to do something about that.

In addition, you can rely on the Sky installer to deliver efficiently across the board for your business, from precision work to consistent politeness and cleanliness.

Speak to a Registered Digital Installer in your area and receive expert guidance to help you make an informed final decision. Our satellite dish installation and repair service is also trusted and used by architects, designers, and builders in new build and renovation projects.

Call our office today and speak to an expert about your commercial Sky TV requirements.

Differences between
Sky TV, Sky Q & Sky Plus:

Sky TV is a satellite television service that offers a wide range of channels and programming options. Enjoy diverse content through a satellite dish, including films, sports channels, and documentaries.

Sky Plus, also known as Sky+, is an older-generation DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service by Sky TV. It allows users to record TV shows and films, pause live TV, and store recorded content for later viewing. Sky Plus revolutionalised how viewers consumed television by offering greater flexibility and control over their viewing experience.

Sky Q is an advanced television platform offered by Sky TV. It includes a Sky Q box with advanced features such as 4K Ultra HD compatibility, multi-room viewing, and the ability to pause, rewind, and record live TV. It also provides access to on-demand content and streaming services.

5 questions we often get
asked about Sky Q & Sky+ (Plus):

Can I upgrade my existing Sky Plus installation
to Sky Q?

Yes. You’ll need to replace your current Sky Plus set-top box with a Sky Q box and potentially upgrade your satellite dish. To book a Sky technician in London or Surrey, contact our office, and we’ll send someone at your earliest convenience.

Can I upgrade my existing Sky Plus installation to Sky Q?
Are there any additional costs involved in switching to Sky Q?

Are there any additional costs involved in switching to Sky Q?

The cost of switching from Sky Plus to Sky Q depends on your selected package and any promotional offers available at the time. During our site visit, ask our Sky TV technicians for the most up-to-date pricing and promotions.

What are the advantages of Sky Q over Sky+?

Sky Q includes enhanced picture quality and a broad range of advanced features through the Sky Q box. It also offers a much friendlier user interface when compared to Sky+ Plus.

What are the advantages of Sky Q over Sky+?
Can I still access my recorded shows if I upgrade to Sky Q?

Can I still access my recorded shows if I upgrade to Sky Q?

Unfortunately, recorded content from your Sky Plus box cannot be transferred directly to Sky Q, but you can enjoy access to on-demand and catch-up services.

What is multi-room viewing, and does it work with Sky Plus & Sky Q?

Yes, you can enjoy multi-room viewing with Sky Plus. Every Sky Plus box is wired directly to the satellite dish from each room. Sky Q, on the other hand, is more advanced in that it is wired to the satellite dish and individual rooms from a single Sky Q mini box, allowing wireless connectivity and shared hard drive use. As a result, individual users gain more control over their viewing experience and access to advanced interactive features. Enjoy the ability to watch different shows on different TVs simultaneously, like in a sports venue showing multiple games or a betting shop.

What is multi-room viewing, and does it work with Sky Plus & Sky Q?

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Over the last twenty-plus years, our dedication to excellence has only been strengthened. By keeping informed, we can continue to offer a knowledgeable and forward-thinking service to homes and businesses across London and Surrey. We deliver a world-class service that doesn’t disappoint!

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We understand the complexities that come with implementing new digital systems into your home or business premises. Speak to a Registered Digital Installer in London or Surrey today and receive expert guidance on installing a new or fixing your existing aerial, satellite, TV, Wi-Fi, or security systems. We have worked with homeowners and businesses across the southeast for over twenty years and offer a generous 3-year guarantee on all aerial installations.

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