European Satellite TV Installers in London & Surrey

European & International Satellite Installers for Homes & Businesses in London & Surrey

Gain access to an array of
international television channels and shows

With our European and international satellite dish installation and repair service across London and Surrey. Whether you have just moved to the UK and want to install your European satellite dish or an international satellite dish that provides access to both UK and international channels, our international satellite dish installers will get the job done fast and to the highest industry standards, ensuring optimal signal reception and alignment for reliable viewing. Bring the world to your living room or workplace!

At AS Freeview, we install international and European satellite dishes on residential and commercial buildings that provide access to a wide range of free-to-air European and foreign satellite systems, supplying thousands of channels in a whole host of different languages, including French, German, Italian and Portuguese, as well as Arabic channels.

Tailor the services you receive to create the ultimate personalised viewing experience. Just let us know which country/countries you are interested in viewing content from, and we’ll advise on the best international or European satellite TV service for your precise requirements. You’ll get to choose everything, even down to the specific channels you want. We will set the services up professionally with all the relevant equipment and offer a comprehensive handover to ensure you can work the system.

Recommended Satellite Dish Installer Recommended Satellite Dish Installer
Same-Day European Satellite Installation Same-Day European Satellite Installation
International Satellite Installation & Repair International Satellite Installation & Repair
20+ Years Experience 20+ Years
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Where Cultures Unite!

European & International TV
Satellites in London & Surrey offer:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • & more
  • Arabic language channels
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • & more
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • and many more Asian languages

3 questions we often get
asked about International & European
Satellite Dish installations:

Are there any legal restrictions on European satellite dish installation in the UK?

As long as your European satellite dish is installed according to local building regulations and does not cause any obstruction or risk to neighbouring properties, there are no legal restrictions on installing a European satellite dish for personal use at your home or business premises in London or Surrey.

Are there any legal restrictions on European satellite dish installation in the UK?
Can I watch European and UK channels on the same international satellite dish?

Can I watch European and UK channels on the same international satellite dish?

Yes! It is possible to access European and UK channels through your European satellite dish. However, you will need a motorised satellite dish or a multi-LNB setup to switch between the two.

Will my European satellite receiver work in the UK?

In most cases, European satellite receivers should work in the UK, but you may be required to reprogram the receiver to receive UK channels and change the language settings accordingly. Some receivers may require additional adjustments or a software update to work with the satellite frequencies used in the UK.

Will my European satellite receiver work in the UK?
Will the Freesat Satellite Dish be visible on my property?

10 Key Features of European Satellite Dish Installations:

  • 1. Access European & international channels
  • 2. Multi-LNB Setup
  • 3. HD (High-Definition) Channels
  • 4. Multiple Language Options
  • 5. Digital Radio Stations
  • 6. Pay-TV & Free-to-Air Options
  • 7. On-Demand & Catch-Up Services
  • 8. Satellite Internet Services
  • 9. Multi-Room Connectivity
  • 10. Compatible with Future Satellite Technology

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Over the last twenty-plus years, our dedication to excellence has only been strengthened. By keeping informed, we can continue to offer a knowledgeable and forward-thinking service to homes and businesses across London and Surrey. We deliver a world-class service that doesn’t disappoint!

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