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When choosing a door entry or access control system for your home or business premises in Claygate, there are several things to consider before making an informed decision; are you looking for a standard keyless entry system for your Airbnb property in Claygate KT10 or a high-security access control system for your commercial building anywhere in KT Postcodes?

At AS Freeview, we install and repair door entry and access control systems of all sizes and levels of complexity throughout Claygate and KT Postcodes. We guarantee 100% compliance with industry regulations, seamless installation, and over two decades of experience, delivering entry solutions that work.

For expert guidance on the best door entry and access control systems for your home or business in Claygate KT10, call our office to arrange a free site visit with an expert installer in your area.

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6 Best Door Entry & Access Control
Systems available in Claygate KT10:

Keyless Entry Systems in Claygate
Never lose your keys again. Try a keyless entry system in Claygate KT10. Keyless entry systems eliminate the need for physical keys by using alternative methods such as keypad codes, biometric authentication, and smartphone apps to gain access.

Intercom Systems in Claygate
Intercom systems increase security and enhance safety at home or at work in Claygate KT10 as they allow you to verify who is at the door before granting them access. This is enabled using two-way audio communication between whoever is at the door and those on the inside.

Ring Doorbell Systems in Claygate
Ring doorbell systems installed throughout Claygate KT10 have a built-in camera that allows you to see, hear, and speak to guests remotely. Doorbell cameras capture live video footage and send instant alerts to your smartphone or tablet. It’s like being your own doorman without actually having to be there!

Access Control Systems in Claygate
Access control systems are different because they use key fobs, key cards, and proximity sensors to grant entry to authorised people. Access control systems are popular and come highly recommended in Claygate for gated communities, corporate office buildings, hotels and apartment complexes.

Biometric Entry Systems in Claygate
Biometric entry systems are most commonly installed in high-security environments such as airports, government, and corporate office buildings across KT Postcodes. They are also fast increasing in popularity among high-end residential property owners in Claygate KT10, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. Biometric entry systems offer high-level security and use your physical attributes to grant access. Retina scans, fingerprints, and facial recognition all play a role.

Mobile Access & Remote Control Systems in Claygate
Turn your smartphone into a virtual key and use your mobile device to unlock doors with authorised access permission. Remote control systems also enable you to lock or unlock doors using a mobile app or wireless remote control device; they are ideal for granting access to a few trusted individuals. Keep your home or business safe in Claygate or anywhere throughout KT Postcodes.

Commercial-Specific Door
Entry & Access Control Systems in Claygate:

Proximity Readers
in Claygate

Enhance your business premises in Claygate KT10. Proximity Readers rely on radio frequency identification (RFID) to grant authorised access to users who carry an RFID card or badge. When held near the device, the card or badge gets detected, and the reader permits immediate access. Proximity Readers offer copious benefits in the workplace and contribute to maintaining a safe and controlled work environment.

Proximity Readers in Claygate
Turnstiles & Access Gates in Claygate

Turnstiles & Access Gates
in Claygate

In high-security environments throughout KT Postcodes such as airports, stadiums, office buildings and universities, turnstiles and access gates are used to manage and control the flow of people. Authorised individuals must present credentials for access, ensuring a closely monitored and highly secure access control system that never fails.

Visitor Management System in Claygate

To really streamline access and check-in processes at your business in Claygate or across KT Postcodes, self-service kiosks can be set up and integrated with access control systems to ensure temporary access.

Visitor Management System in Claygate

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Over the last twenty-plus years, our dedication to excellence has only been strengthened. By keeping informed, we can continue to offer a knowledgeable and forward-thinking service to homes and businesses across Claygate KT10 and throughout KT Postcodes. We deliver a world-class service that doesn’t disappoint!

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