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Free up valuable floor space with a custom TV bracket mounted on the wall. With a secure, modern TV wall bracket, your television can become more of a sleek centrepiece, improving the appearance of your interior. We’ve got the tools and expertise to handle the job quickly and securely.

At AS Freeview, we go above and beyond to ensure safe and level mounting to prevent accidents and damage. The last thing you want is a big flat-screen TV falling off the wall and squashing your dog! TV Wall Mounting must be done expertly and securely to avoid potential risks. Our TV Wall Mounting professionals in London and Surrey will help you decide the best TV wall bracket for your specific needs and conceal any cables, ensuring a neat and clean end result. TV Wall Brackets also allow users to perfect their viewing angle, meaning you no longer have to worry about reducing glare and neck strain. As long as your wall can take it, we’ll position your TV exactly where you want it. If you don’t know where the best place is, our experienced and registered digital installers will guide you and help you make an informed decision.


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The same goes for business premises; we offer TV Wall Mounting to all commercial buildings, including offices, shops, and hotels where numerous TVs need to be mounted. Trust our experts for a stylish integration of your TV into your space. Alternatively, speak to our team about any equipment you have already purchased, and we’ll install it for you according to your request.

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Types of TV Wall Mounting
Brackets we deal with:

Fixed TV Wall Mounting Brackets: hold the TV close to the wall in a fixed position, providing a clean and minimalistic look.

Tilting TV Wall Mounting Brackets: allow you to adjust the TV vertically, providing a better viewing angle, especially when the TV is mounted high up on the wall.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mounting Brackets: offer the most flexibility, allowing you to swivel, tilt, and extend the TV in various directions for the perfect viewing position.

Low-Profile TV Wall Mounting Brackets: these are similar to fixed TV mounts in that they keep the TV close to the wall. The difference is that they often have a quick-release mechanism for easy removal.

Ceiling TV Mounting Brackets: suspend the TV from the ceiling in rooms where wall space is not your friend; a neat and effective space-saving solution!

Corner TV Wall Mounting Brackets: are designed specifically for corner placement, meaning you can place your TV anywhere in the room, regardless of obstructive corners and complex room layouts.

Motorised TV Wall Mounting Brackets: these are advanced brackets that can be controlled remotely, allowing you to adjust your TV position with ease.

4 questions we often get asked
about TV Wall Mounts in London & Surrey:

I have already purchased a TV bracket. Can you fit it?

Yes, provided your TV wall mounting bracket is compatible with your TV’s size and weight, it shouldn’t be a problem. Give us a call, and we’ll come over at your earliest convenience to take a look.

I have already purchased a TV bracket. Can you fit it?
Do I need to locate the wall studs before drilling?

Do I need to locate the wall studs before drilling?

Yes, use a stud finder to locate the wall studs before drilling. Mounting your TV on the studs ensures a strong and stable installation. Avoid drywall anchors for heavier TVs, as they may not provide adequate support.

When the TV gets mounted on the wall, will the cables be visible?

Our professional, experienced TV Wall Mounting experts will conceal your cables to ensure a neat result using cable management solutions. We could even install a cable raceway to ensure they are hidden. Not only does hiding the wires improve aesthetics but reduces the risk of accidents and cable damage.

When the TV gets mounted on the wall, will the cables be visible?
Can I mount my TV on any wall in the UK?

Can I mount my TV on any wall in the UK?

While you can mount your TV on different wall types, it is crucial to ensure the wall can support the weight of your TV and chosen wall mount. Brick and concrete walls are the best for mounting TVs. Avoid drilling into hollow or plasterboard walls without proper reinforcement, as you could be putting someone at risk of injury.

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Over the last twenty-plus years, our dedication to excellence has only been strengthened. By keeping informed, we can continue to offer a knowledgeable and forward-thinking service to homes and businesses across London and Surrey. We deliver a world-class service that doesn’t disappoint!

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